The Different Types of Concrete Machinery

Concreting equipment used by construction companies is essential for quality construction that can be done faster and in less time. With good quality concrete machinery, quality concreting and construction services can be given to clients in a faster way while cutting down on labour costs. Here are some basic and essential types of concrete construction machinery widely used in construction processes.

Shotcrete machines

These are used for concrete spraying at construction sites. They are employed for wet or dry concrete spraying applications. Their compact designs make them useful at locations where space is limited or cannot be accessed by a concrete mixer. Some of the crucial applications that use shotcrete machines include the lining of water tanks, mines, swimming pools, and backfilling of tunnel construction.

Concrete vibrator

This concrete machinery is a mechanical device used to create vibration in wet material. The machine’s motor is connected with external pipes that create vibration inside the wet concrete mix. Its purpose is to remove air pockets inside the concrete mix. This gives concrete better strength and longevity. This machine is also used to finish concrete for bridge construction.

Concrete pump

The concrete pump is the most common and popular concrete equipment used in the construction market and is always seen where heavy concreting and paving is being done. This type of concreting machine is reliable and cost-effective. Pumps save on labour cost, time, and material since it is used to pump concrete from the mixer and send it directly to the construction or road site. There are two types of concrete pumps: Line pumps and Boom concrete pumps. Line pumps are mounted on a truck or trailer and are used for smaller volume concrete applications like home concreting, sidewalks, and swimming pools. Boom concrete pumps are truck-mounted and use a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm for high volumes of cement on big construction sites.

Concrete tank

Concrete tanks are labour saving and cost-saving because they are built on the construction site for peak positioning. These tanks are made of concrete and have pipes at the bottom to serve as cement material exits. The tank is used to mix concrete material, so it can hold water, cement, and gravel.

Concrete pavers

Modern concrete paving machines now come with built-in hydraulic or electric vibrators to ensure homogenous compaction of concrete, since the vibrators get rid of air pockets inside the concrete. The concrete paver itself also comes in hydraulic or electric types, thus, saving on fuel costs. Modern pavers today can be modified to be used for various applications for parking lots, city roads, and airport runways.

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