Diamond Tools Australia: The Basics of Industrial Diamond Tools

Worker cutting metal with a grinder
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We think of diamonds as precious stones for engagement rings. But, diamonds also serve a practical purpose as cutting tools. This stone is considered to be the hardest element and can cut through hard materials, even metals. Of course, when you examine diamond tools Australia, you won’t find the colours and carats of diamonds. Only small particles of industrial-grade diamonds are embedded in saw blades, grinding wheels, and drill bits.

Diamonds last longer than conventional blades and drills because of their hardness, high melting point, and durability


Diamonds are made up of carbon, the hardest earth element. This makes diamonds ideal for cutting other materials, including metals. A diamond is even able to slowly cut through Tungsten, the toughest metal on earth.

High melting point

The high melting point of diamonds means that, as a cutting tool, it can resist heat and pressure up to 4,892 degrees Fahrenheit. Since diamonds do not melt, they have excellent hardness, diffusion of heat, and can be used for cutting even ferrous metals.


The durability of a diamond cutting tool makes it an effective long-term investment. Diamond cutting tools have the longevity to outlast other conventional cutting machines. Their durability also increases the effectiveness of the industrial tool. 

Where are industrial diamond tools used?

  • Geological exploration and mining – Diamond tools are used in this industry for drilling and mining bits. 
  • Construction – Often, reinforced concrete and asphalt needs to be cut or drilled. Diamond cutting tools using saw blades, core drills, and grinding wheels are used for this process.
  • Stone processing applications – Cutting through stone is tough, but diamond cutting tools can effectively cut through stone efficiently.
  • IT and home appliances manufacturing – Diamond cutting tools are used to cut silicon slices in the manufacturing of ceramics for fibre applications.
  • Engineering ceramics applications – Engineering ceramics are used in a wide range of industries. It requires a high level of temperature resistance, hardness, and toughness in the manufacturing process. Thus, diamond grinding wheels are specially used for the process.

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