Safety Measures Before Using a Drilling Machine

A drilling machine is used to drill holes into various materials. These power machines are used mostly for construction purposes or to complete a specific task at home. A drilling machine can make holes even in hard surfaces like rocks, metal, hardwood, concrete, and plastic.

Like other power tools, if you don’t take proper safety measures even before turning on the machine, and don’t use it properly, that can lead to accidents and other disasters. So, before plugging your drill machine, take these safety precautions.

Wear eye protection and safe clothing

This first tip is very important before using a drilling machine because you can get injured out of ignorance. When operating ANY type of power tool, don’t wear baggy clothing or dangling jewellery that can get caught in the drill. Also wear safety goggles or glasses that cover the side of your eyes to protect you from flying debris and dust.

Wear ear protection

If you are drilling regularly at construction sites, you need to also wear ear protection. Drilling machines produce around 90 decibels of sound that can cause hearing damage after prolonged exposure. However, most cordless drills are quiet. But hammer drills and impact drills are the loudest with 100 dB, so you need proper ear protection.

Have lung protection

If you are constantly drilling into brick, concrete, and wood, you need to protect your lungs. You will be exposed to high amounts of dust and crystalline silica that may cause respiratory diseases. You can use a dust mask for initial protection. However, if you’re using a drill machine constantly in a construction environment, use a respirator.

Handle cords safely

When using a corded drill, never leave the cord stretched out on a pathway when not in use. Never pick up a drilling machine by its cord. If you need to use an extension cord, don’t chain multiple cords together or use indoor cords outdoors.

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