Properly Maintaining Your Diamond Core Drill Bit

If you’re using diamond core drill bits in your construction business, then you need to give these drill bits extra care and attention. This extra care will bring good drilling if the diamond drill bits are kept rigid and always in shape. Diamonds may be the hardest gems in the world, but if you’re frequently changing drill bits, you haven’t been maintaining them properly.

Cleaning off debris

When it comes to basic tool maintenance, cleaning ranks the highest. In the case of diamond drill bits, due to the nature of operating the drill, it is a mandate and necessity the drilling should stop every five to seven minutes to wipe off the drill bit with a dry cloth to prevent a build-up of debris. Failure to do this regularly can lead to drill damage. When operations are done, wipe off the drill bit and use a dry toothbrush to scrub off stubborn debris.

Storing diamond drill bits

Proper storage will significantly increase the lifespan of the diamond drill. Most drill bits come with a handy case, so carry the bit inside this case when not in use. Store away the case from water or moisture to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Sharpening a diamond core drill bit

Drill sharpening is done for all kinds of drill bits, most especially diamond bits. Adequately sharpened and maintained bits work more efficiently. Also, dull drill bits mean needing to apply more pressure to make up for less efficiency. Applying too much pressure to a dull drill bit will result in breaking.

Reduce overheating with coolant

Friction means producing heat energy, and too much of this can damage the drill bit. Too much heat will cause graphitization or oxidation of the drill bit. This can also lead to faster wear on the diamond matrix of the drill. The solution is to use water as a coolant. The application of the water on the material will depend on the type of drill used. Some drills allow water to be pumped to the drill centre, or water can be applied manually.

Diamond core drill bits from AusKut Diamond Tools

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