Drilling Machinery: Concrete Drilling Safety

In the construction industry, drilling into concrete can be physically exhausting, loud, and dusty. It exposes workers to silica dust that can damage the lungs if inhaled. But there are safety standards and a code of practice set down by the Australian COSH (Commission for Occupational Safety and Health) for concrete and masonry cutting and drilling. Reducing hazards also include selecting the right type of cutting and drilling machinery from qualified distributors such as AusKut Diamond Tools.

Using proper tools

Having the correct tools is a basic requirement for drilling operations in a safe manner. Using inappropriately sized tools can lead to equipment downtime and slow production. Inappropriate equipment will also expose operators to physical injury if they try to push an under-powered drill beyond its capability.

Diamond blades or bits may jump out or get pinched from the cut and expose operators to injury as well as damage equipment.

Proper preparation for operating

Before using any concrete drilling equipment, make a detailed inspection. Make sure all equipment is running at full 100% capacity and all machine hardware is tight. Loose machine hardware can cause the equipment to excessively vibrate. This will cause blade or bit damage that can be harmful to the operator and nearby workers.

Inspect the blade or bit for defects or cracks. Double-check if it is installed properly with a tightened nut and locking collar.

Know where you’re heading

Before any drilling, make sure the operator knows what’s below the surface, on the floor, and behind the wall. Full assessment of any job site is crucial because this will determine if you can or cannot drill, and what type of drilling equipment to use. Be sure to also locate and identify gas lines, electrical cables, water lines, and the like.

Control the risks

Using proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is important when drilling. Make sure that operators follow all state and commonwealth government requirements for PPE, and those required by the equipment operating instructions.

AusKut Diamond Tools

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