Construction Safety Equipment and PPE for Workers

Working on construction or renovation sites requires personal protection equipment (PPE) and other construction safety equipment. Aside from these, all workers must wear long-sleeved shirts and long work pants while at these sites. Depending on the circumstances and potential hazards present, additional PPE may be required as determined by a preliminary Job Hazard Analysis. Basic PPE includes:

Hard hats

This is essential at all construction/renovation sites. They must be worn at all times to prevent injuries related to swinging or falling objects, striking the head at something, or accidental head contact with an electrical hazard. 

Foot protection

This refers to steel-toe boots or work boots. These should be worn on site to prevent crushed toes or feet due to heavy falling equipment or materials. The boots should have puncture-resistant, non slip soles since work surfaces can be slippery or have sharp objects as hazards.

Hand protection

There are different types of work gloves suited for specific tasks and risks. These range from heavy-duty canvas/leather gloves to protect against burns and cuts, welding gloves for welders, rubber gloves for concrete, insulated gloves for electrical hazards, to chemical-resistant gloves.

Eye/face protection

Face shields or safety glasses should be worn if there is a danger of flying debris or harmful dust. Then, there are also welding shields, chemical splash goggles, and dust goggles. 

Hearing protection

Heavy equipment and tools like jackhammers and chainsaws create noise decibels that can damage hearing with prolonged exposure. Pre-moulded earplugs or acoustic foam-lined ear muffs can be worn.

Reflective vests

Construction/renovation personnel should wear proper and adequate reflective vests or clothing so they are visible even at a distance to protect against hazards such as weather changes, electricity, impacts, forklifts, heavy equipment, and other risks. Maintaining visibility means maintaining safety.

AusKut Diamond Tools

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