Construction Accessories: Floor Stripping and the Tools/Equipment Needed

Floor stripping is the technical term used in the janitorial, sanitation, and construction industry in removing the finish of a hard floor. This multi-step process uses conventional stripping methods to remove the top finish from a floor that is being prepped for re-finishing to make the floor safer for foot traffic. Special tools, equipment, and even construction accessories are needed for floor stripping.

What do you need to strip your floors?

  • Rotary floor stripper machine

This is the main tool that is run all over the floor using floor pads when the stripper solution is applied to the floor.

  • Wet/dry vacuum with proper hose and attachments

Once the stripping process is completed, excess water and other debris/dust need to be sucked up off the floor.

  • Air mover

This is a fairly large industrial fan designed to move air across the floor to help in the drying process. For larger floor jobs you might need several working at once.

  • Buckets with wringers

Buckets with wringers and mops will be needed for the stripping solution and rinsing water. Have enough extra mop heads since the application and rinsing should be done with separate mop heads.

  • Stripping pad for rotary machine

This is the actual pad at the bottom of the clutch plate of the rotary machine. Although they come in different colours, black pads are the ones used for stripping.

  • Putty knives (1 wide, 1 slim edge)

It’s good to have these around to scrape off excess wax or other debris from areas that the machine cannot reach.

  • Stripper solution

This is what you apply on the floor with the mop. The rotary machine runs through the solution on the floor to strip away whatever is the top layer on the floor, such as wax, epoxy, etc.

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