Concrete Equipment Tools and Accessories for Concreting Work

If you’re in a company or industry that works with raw concrete, you need the best set of concrete equipment tools and accessories. Once wet concrete starts to pour, you need to be prepared, and no one wants to get to the job site and discover that they don’t have an essential tool or two at hand. 

Consider the following concrete equipment and tools


Naturally, you can’t do construction work and work with concrete without wheelbarrows. And small garden barrows will not cut it for this kind of work. You need metal concrete barrows that are intended for industrial use.


Not the pointy ones for ground-garden use. You need the square-mouth shovels ideal for mixing, shifting, loading, and spreading wet materials like concrete.

Screed board

A screed board is a light hand tool that is easy to use for levelling freshly laid concrete.

Float tools

A float is used to level and smoothen wet concrete surfaces or fill in areas with voids. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Smaller hand floats are used for work on smaller areas. Larger bull floats are used to work on wet concrete on larger surface areas.

Telescopic handles

Sometimes it will be necessary to have telescopic handles for bull floats to facilitate longer reaches. Bracket assemblies may also be needed to allow for easy swivelling or handling of the float over large surface areas.

Trowel tools

Trowels are used after a float tool for finishing concrete and creating a hard-concrete surface. Trowels almost look like hand floats but have a thinner blade and an open handle. Most professional concrete workers have an assortment of trowel sizes so they can adjust their work to the various types of concrete settings and applications.

Edger tools

Edgers are used to edge the outside perimeter of a concrete slab and to smoothen joints. They are important to make the slab resistant to edge chipping and break damages.

AusKut Diamond Tools

Aside from diamond blades for cutting and drilling, AusKut Diamond Tools also supplies quality concrete equipment, tools, and accessories for all concreting works and projects. If there is something you’re looking for, please browse all our products online at or pop us a call on 1300-AUSKUT.