Basic Guide to Core Drilling by Auskut Diamond Tools

Concrete core drilling or concrete coring is the process of drilling clean, circular holes in any concrete surface. Using special equipment that needs a skilled operator, holes as little as 10mm to as wide as 1.8 metres in diameter can be drilled. Electricians and plumbers often carry small hand-held concrete core drills in their toolkits. These drills are used to drill into concrete walls and floors. Larger concrete core drills are used by construction or concreting professionals for bigger jobs.

Concrete drill bits are designed to cut a circular hole in the concrete and then remove the solid “core.” This method is much better than having to pulverise the concrete. This means that the drill can cut a neat hole without making too much mess.

How does it work?

Using diamond drills for cutting

Concrete core drilling utilises a diamond cutting drill to cut a round hole into any concrete structure. With the specialised equipment, the process is actually low-noise, dust-free, and non-percussive. Holes can be drilled either vertically or horizontally, or at any angle. Drilling can even be done in confined spaces or sensitive locations.

Diamond core drill bit to cut the perfect hole

The diamond core drill bit is attached to the end of a steel tube. Sometimes the drilling rig is anchored, bolted, or vacuum-sealed to the floor or any surface to stabilise the tool. As the rig drills, the cutter is cooled with water to reduce friction. The cutting process is completed when the whole concrete slug is removed. This leaves a perfect hole with no after-care requirement or cosmetic damage.

Before any drilling is done, the concrete area is scanned or inspected to ensure that nothing else is in the way of the drilling, such as metal rods, conduits, electrical wiring, and pipes. 

When is core drilling used?

Core drilling is done on anything concrete, especially when required by construction, or for electrical or plumbing requirements. It is used on the following:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Walkways and roads (if necessary)

Core drilling can have many applications so long as there is a general need for utility penetration.

AusKut Diamond Tools

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