Floor Buffing / Burnishing Pads


Floor buffing / burnishing pads specifically designed for concrete.  For use on high speed floor polishers and burnishing machines.


Size Description Product Code
17″ (430mm) BLACK Hard stripper FPBLACK
17″ (430mm) RED Spray buff and polish FPRED
17″ (430mm) WHITE Soft polish FPWHITE
20″ (510mm) BLACK Hard stripper FP20BLACK
20″ (510mm) RED Spray buff and polish FP20RED
20″ (510mm) WHITE Soft polish FP20WHITE
TWISTER pad 500mm GREEN 3000 grit OFP590-50
TWISTER pad 500mm YELLOW 1500 grit OFP591-50
TWISTER pad 500mm WHITE 800 grit OFP592-50


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