Core Drill Adaptors


Various adaptors available for use with core drills:


Description Product Code
1 1/4″ UNC adaptor to suit HILTI HILTIUNC
1 1/4″ UNC (male) to 1/2″ BSP (male) UNC-BSP
Standard drill chuck to 1/2″ BSP with water feed (water jacket) 1/2BSP
1 1/4″ UNCĀ  to SDS+ UNC-SDS
1 1/4″ UNC to Hex shank UNC-Hex
M14 to Hex shank M14-Hex
1/2″ BSP (female) to 1/2″ BSP (female) OX-JN56
1/2″ BSP (female) to 1 1/4″ UNC (female) OX-JN66
M14 (female) to 1/2″ BSP (female) BSPM14
1/2″ BSP (male) to 10mm straight shank with allen key grub screws BSP10


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