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We are the Australian distributor for Ecoshield Performance Coatings, environmentally friendly Australian-made coatings and chemical products.


The market leaders in manufacture and innovation of coatings for the Australian market, the team has a combined experience of over 80 years in the coatings industry.


Ecoshield offer the most advanced technology in concrete and hard surface coating solutions for your business, home or property.  Ecoshield products have proven outstanding abrasion resistance, adhesion, UV stability and weathering




Grouts & Grinding Lubricants

Concrete Grinding Lube
Improves grinding efficiency by increasing cutting speed and reducing diamond tooling wear.
Eco Grout + Lithium
Fills cracks, pinholes and minor imperfections in the concrete polishing process.


Hardeners & Sealers

Eco Densi Shield
Harden, densify and seal concrete floors with 100% lithium densifier.
Eco Seal
A penetrating water-based acrylic sealer for protection against staining, eroding and dusting.
Eco Polish
Renews coated floors and polished concrete floors with a shiny protective layer that can be easily removed and resealed.



Eco Bond
Primes the surface to increase adhesion and eliminates gas bubbles, pimples and other imperfections in the top-coat.


Clear & Coloured Top-Coats

Eco Clear Shield
A clear water-based polycarbonate high build top-coat that provides a UV stable, hard wearing, abrasive and impact resistant surface film that is ideal for heavy traffic pedestrian floors.
Eco Sparta Shield
100% solids, 2 component, industrial strength polyaspartic top-coat. The properties of fast cure, high gloss, UV yellowing resistant, chemical resistant and practically no odour enable wide usage in may applications.
Eco Sports Shield
A pigmented texture coat available in smooth, medium and coarse for pedestrian walkways and sports courts with specific traction requirements.


Other Products

Increase working time in temperatures above 30 degrees celsius.





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